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Important Dates to Remember


10/25  All Hurricane Jr's & Sr's

Private Workout West Tx. A&M University on Campus on Saturday after Football Game.  Contact Coach Ben Buck 303-919-6148

10/25  All Other Hurricane Players   

Field Practice Carl Barton 11am-1:30pm  For Those players who can not attend the workout at West Texas A&M University.

11/1 & 11/2

Southeast Showcase Series Event  Click Here for more info...  Attendance by our SR. and JR's is Very Important.  This is a Qualifying Event, for Future Showcase events.

We Make a Large Investment Into the Recruiting Process

The Hurricanes Stand Alone, in terms of Re-Investing in College Networking for our players.  We lead the industry in Providing direct Exposure to College Coaches for all our Members.  No other program hires as many Colleges as we do each Season, Period.  We have Documented the Coaches we have hired over the past 6 years, to come educate, evaluate, and directly recruit our players which contributes to our recruiting success rate of 100%.


    "We Play for Diplomas & the Opportunity to Advance Baseball Careers"

    Graduate in Cap & Gown

    100% of Our Players have Gone on to Play College Baseball and Eventually Graduate with a College Diploma!

    The Houston Hurricanes are a  "TRUE COLLEGE PREPARATORY ORG." with a common goal for it's Players, of Playing College Baseball.  The Hurricanes are "NOT" a Recreational Program.  Rather, The Houston Hurricanes are a Professional College Prep Organization, with the Highest Demands & Expectations of all of its Members. 

    Our Players are Expected to Play College Baseball.  Commitment Starts the Day they Join the Organization.  We set them on an immediate path, of  primary goal attainment, From Day 1.  

    Our Coaching Staff includes; Former Professional Players and Minor League Prospects, Who also have Years of Coaching Experience and Professional Instruction under their belt.  We Stress Advanced Skill Rehearsal and hold a  Professional Attitude toward Our Members being dedicated to Seasonal Strength & Conditioning Programs.

    The Hurricane Organization promotes a Pro-Active Approach to the Recruiting Process.  Through Careful Research, Personal Reflexion, and Family Planning Sessions we can help our players and parents Target a Specific College or University,  that best fits thier Personal Needs.

    Colleges are "Targeted", based on Academic Prowless such as GPA,  ACT,  & SAT Scores, as well as AP Classes completed.   Academic Achievement combined with Phyical Abilities, and a Strong Mental approach help Market our Players to the Best University or College Program for them.

    We Stress Development of the "5" Professional Tools of Baseball used by All Major League and Professiona Scouts everywhere.  These tools include; Running Speed, Arm Strength, Batting Average, Batting HR Power, & Defensive Abilities.

    Strong Academics with Advanced Skills and Playing Abilities are required to receive an offer to play college baseball.  But one must be Seen or Exposed to Scouts to even be considered. 

    The Houston Hurricanes are Second to None when it comes to Getting Exposure for our Players.  Over the Past (5) Years, we have hired Over 150 Colleges to work our Camps and have a 100% Success Rate in getting our players into College as a result.